Introducing Revit’s Top Ten New Features in Latest Version

The new version of Revit looks much better than the last one, but there are certainly some interesting new functions, as this article discusses its uses in architecture.

1. Import PDF to Revit

There is a new Import PDF tool in the Insert tab of the ribbon. The PDF will import as a 2D object only in the current view. The page to import from a PDF file must specify each time you select one. DPI import values can also be specified.

With the Enable Snap feature, you can use tools such as pick lines to interact with vector lines. Once the snaps are activated, you can use the pick walls tool to include the PDF in new walls or other model elements. The PDF can be managed through the Manage Images menu. On both the Insert and Manage tabs, this tool can be found.

2. New Travel Tool Path

You can select both a start point and an endpoint with the new Path of Travel feature. The shortest path will then be calculated automatically by Revit. It will thus attempt to locate…

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