Revit Building Pad cut pattern

I had a client as this week how to change the fill pattern line weight for the building pads in his project. I explained to him that Line Weight 1 is reserved for for fill patterns, simply adjust that value and it should adjust all fill patterns. Turns out I was wrong and should not have used the words “all fill patterns”. Building pads in Revit do not follow this rule, the fill patterns line weights are tied to the Object Style Projection line weight (as seen in the image below).

In this clients case he had changed the Projection line weight to be 6, the Out Of The Box template has it set to 1, so during testing I was baffled on why it adjusted with the Line Weight 1 value.

If you know of any other cut fill patterns that don’t abide by the Line weight 1 rule I would love to know about them.

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