Views from sun with Rhino.Inside Revit

Often when producing a SEPP65 solar access analysis, you will want to generate views from the sun to visually verify the results of a Ladybug ‘heatmap’ analysis. To solve this issue, Parametric Monkey has developed a custom script that generates views directly in Revit. The workflow utilises Rhino.Inside Revit, with the latest Ladybug Tools plug-in.


Our previous workflows for views from sun utilised Dynamo, of which there were two variants. The first used Revit’s in-built sun settings to determine the sun vectors. However, this method had certain limitations. Firstly, the model needed to be orientated to True North, not Grid North, as many projects are shown. Secondly, Revit’s inbuilt Daylight Savings Time (DST) modified the solar vectors by one hour for ALL times, regardless of the actual DST range for that location. 

The second variant utilised the Ladybug Dynamo Package to generate the sun vectors. While this option provided greater…

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