10 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Complete House Design with AutoCAD in Revit Architecture

The concept plan should draw in AutoCAD, and construction documents should be drawn in Revit later. A floor plan template has been prepared for you to use. Components, view templates, and wall compositions include making your work easier. Your house floor plan is complete.


A. Set Up Levels Height

It is still necessary to assign the walls to specific levels even if elevations and 3D views are not needed at the moment. Ensure that all required levels are created by going to an elevation view. You can adjust them later, but you have to set them to the correct height first.

B. Walls Intersection Placement at Internal Origin

You place the building’s corner at the intersection of the Internal Origin, regardless of which coordinate system you are using. You can see the internal origin by selecting the arrow symbol if you are using Revit 2020.2 or later.

Although all these points should be in the same place before you begin, the internal origin shouldn’t be…

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