A minor update to Space Analysis (2D), and getting ready for 3D!

This week I’ve been getting my Revit installation working again – it had been a while since I’d used it, and it was overdue an upgrade from 2021 to 2022 – mainly because I have to publish a couple of new packages (or package versions) to the Dynamo Package Manager.

The first is a minor update to the Space Analysis package, taking it from version 0.3.3 to version 0.4.0. There is a breaking change, however, in that people using the Visibility nodes from Python may have to modify their code to use the correct (newly added) namespace.

We only hit this issue once in V3 of the MaRS graph. On load – and execute with the new library loaded – we see a Python error that we can navigate to easily using Warnamo:

Warnamo showing the migration issue in the MaRS graph

The reported error is quite clear, in that we have to modify line 9 of the Python script:

The error is on line 9 of the Python script

Adding “SpaceAnalysis.” as a prefix is the way to get the node properly resolved:

Adding the SpaceAnalysis namespace

Saving the Python script and running it shows that it works fine:

The error has gone and the visibility results are displayed on run

Here’s the fixed version…

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