Floppy Friday #48

This episode of Floppy Friday is dedicated to the memory and legacy of the late Sir Clive Sinclair, 1980s computing pioneer. Sir Clive invented the slimline pocket calculator and worked tirelessly to democratize technology, whether home computers or electric cars. His impact on today’s computing landscape is undeniable, as he helped launch the careers of countless IT and software professionals (me included). Thank you for everything, Sir Clive.

Sir Clive SInclair

It felt like episode 48 was the right one to crack open the ZX Spectrum (48K, of course), especially given last week’s news about Sir Clive’s passing. On a side note, I had an immense amount of fun preparing for and recording today’s episode: 9 years ago I wrote a couple of blog posts about restoring a ZX Spectrum I received as a present and then loading games onto it via an iPod Photo. I still had the MP3 files of these games – but not the iPod, interestingly – so I worked out how to load these games directly from my MacBook…

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