How 3ds Max 2022 Differs from its Predecessor

Modeling tools in 3ds Max has been enhanced to provide artists with increased performance, productivity, and creative opportunities. In addition to Smart Extrude performance improvements, new modifier improvements, and Settings Recovery tools, this update now offers a faster experience.

Features of 3ds Max 2022

Faster Smart Extrude

During its initial release, Smart Extrude included the Poly Editable modifiers.

Using Smart Extrude, artists can now perform Smart Extrude actions faster on selected polygons than ever before on their models. This new update brings significant performance improvements for Smart Extrude.

The number of polygons per action can also increase from what was previously possible. In addition to speed increases of over 20 times, Smart Extrude can refine the output by re-stitching refined geometries in the final output.

Enhanced Smooth Modifier

3ds Max can be used to bring together various source materials for final assembly as well as to…

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