Integrating Geographic Information System (GIS) in Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Technologies have made enormous advancements in the construction industry due to advancements in the field of information technology. BIM, which widely uses in the industry, aims to manage construction projects and improve planning and design efficiency.

Managing construction projects with GIS (Geographic Information System) has immense potential. Many construction projects use BIM technology for this reason.

The Geographic Information System (GIS) combines information on location and theme into one environment. All phases of construction, including data management, information integration, estimation of costs, etc., can be clarified by this technology. As a result, decision-making becomes more effective as well as the coordination among planners, designers, and contractors improve.

Design & Planning Phases of GIS

During the planning and design phases of the construction industry, there are a large number of charts, graphs, and tables that store data. This data can…

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