Project vs product mindset in construction

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry typically builds one building at a time. A project is defined upfront and is measured on its outputs: was the project delivered on time, was it within budget and did it meet the requirements/scope set out for it? There is minimal option to change the project’s scope as it progresses, even if solutions identified along the way add more value to the customer. Each is a unique project, with an individual set of variables and bespoke solutions for both design and construction. There is a start point and an endpoint for each project with little continuity between projects.

How can we bring greater efficiency and value to the current model? Paul Wintour, founder of Parametric Monkey and Matt Bishop, founder of BVT Engineering, discuss the concept of a Product vs Project mindset in construction. 

A product-based approach

Paul explains that with a project-based approach, each solution is bespoke. You start…

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