Revit Pure Live #019 – Becoming a BIM Manager

Revit Pure Live is back for the second season! In this episode, architect and Revit Pure founder Nicolas Catellier will be talking about his journey as a BIM manager and sharing tips to help you become an efficient one. The show will be on Wednesday, September 15th at 3 PM EDT. Here is the YouTube link:

We’ll talk about:

🌮 What are the qualities of a BIM manager?
🌮 How do you deal with reluctant users?
🌮 How do you share knowledge effectively in your team?
🌮 What are the most crucial Revit tools you should learn?
🌮 What are the best plugins and tools every BIM manager should use?

Revit Pure Live is a free YouTube show where we help you become a better Revit user. Join, learn, chill and ask questions.

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