A Detailed Description of the unique Features of Vectary for 3D Modeling

Vectary is a 3D modeling software developed by a Slovak company in 2014 for 3D printing and Augmented Reality applications. Designers and enthusiasts can design complex shapes with ease using the simple software provided. It is free and available to everyone as a cloud-based solution. Thousands of professionals, makers and beginners use it daily. There is also a paid version with more features for those who want to take their modeling further.

The 3D models built by Vectary calculate automatically using parametric plug-ins, which are parametric models. As the founders themselves are designers, the platform makes it easy for anyone without previous experience to design complex models using templates they can edit.

User Interface

Vectary has become accessible to the general public after previously being available only to a limited number of people. No installation or configuration is necessary to use this program. It can access online and files stored in the cloud. There is…

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