Forge and digital twins at Autodesk University 2021

I’ve finally found the time to view the main information from the recent Autodesk University event, and thought it worth highlighting what I consider to be some of the “big ticket” items, especially from my own – somewhat Forge- and digital twin-centric – perspective.

First-up, Forge was everywhere in the keynotes. If it wasn’t previously clear that Autodesk is serious about becoming a platform company, it should be from the messaging at this AU. On a side note, there are a number of internal organisational changes that have happened/are happening at Autodesk to accelerate this shift, so I’m currently much more optimistic that we’ll get there. (Those of you who have followed me, over the years, will know that I’m passionate about Autodesk platform technology – whether APIs to our desktop products such as AutoCAD or web-based platforms such as Forge – so this makes me very excited for the future.)

Here are the three general session keynote videos from YouTube (so…

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