This is the next episode in a series looking back at old blog posts.

Late 2013 and approaching my third Pumpkin competition.  This is the one where I went way off topic, and to be honest bit of more than I could chew.  All the same I learnt a lot and just as importantly realised the need for some course correction for my fourth and final pumpkin adventure the next year.

I had established a ritual of choosing a sculptural approach, a segment of the natural world, and a featured artist.  The artist this time was to be Mauritz Escher.  And as a warm-up exercise I attempted a reinterpretation of one of his topological motifs, which I called the “Y-knot”

It’s created in “Point World” using a cylindrical rig, which itself is scalable.  Meanwhile the feeble pun of the title allowed me to explore my reasons for finding the annual pumpkin competition such a rewarding experience.  It couldn’t last forever of course, but for those 4 years it really helped me to formulate my…

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