RevitCat: Double-Click Trouble in Revit

In Revit 2019, one of the fantastic new features was the ability to slow double-click to rename views in the Project Browser !  

Fantastic?  Not true – it is an almost universally hated new feature.  If you search on the internet, you will find an endless list of questions and answers on how to disable this feature.

I do know one person (who shall remain nameless) who claims to like this feature – but they are only one amongst thousands (or even millions) who hate it.

Beta Testing

I remember reading about this feature during beta testing of Revit 2019.  Many of the testers pleaded with Autodesk NOT to roll this feature out, as we knew it would cause trouble.  However, it was too late – the code was already in the software.  Autodesk did relent somewhat, and offered us a way to disable it by editing the revit.ini file, to add the line (in the [User Interface] section):


Of all the many online descriptions of how to disable this feature, here is a…

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