Autodesk FormIt and its JavaScript API

A few weeks ago I started taking a closer look at Autodesk FormIt, mainly with a view to understanding how it might integrate with VASA. FormIt is a multi-platform (which I believe in this case means Windows, iOS and web) conceptual design and analysis tool. I haven’t really followed the development of FormIt, over the years, so if you’re interested in learning more about that then I suggested heading over to the product team’s blog. If you want to get started with using FormIt, then this Primer seems helpful.

Two things in particular had me intrigued about FormIt: its integration with Dynamo and its JavaScript API. These both seemed to be ways in which FormIt could talk to VASA: from chatting with Rhys Goldstein, it turned out he’d already tried using FormIt with VASA’s Dynamo package, and he shared a graph that I could use as the basis for that exploration (we’ll see that workflow in an upcoming post).

Today’s post is more about FormIt’s JavaScript API. FormIt…

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