Centralizing your BIM data with Tracer Server – Webinar Recorded Live on November 18, 2021

Data repositories, warehouses, and lakes have become important infrastructure components for managing data within a business enterprise. Yet, even as cloud-based workflows have gained popularity, BIM data is still primarily managed through file-based workflows and exchange. Readily and easily accessing the underlying data of BIM from an centralized data platform remains a challenging endeavor for many professionals.

Tracer Server introduces a new platform for harvesting, storing, and analyzing centralized BIM data. Tracer Server supports automated batch harvesting of multiple Revit models to a scalable database structure capable of storing entire portfolios of BIM data – including geometry and properties. Business Intelligence solutions can then be connected to the centralized data for enterprise-level analysis, comparisons, correlations, and predictions.

In this webinar, Nathan Miller discusses the theory and practical applications of centralized BIM data using Tracer Server.

Attendees will…

– Learn how centralized BIM data can be used to support design and business insight.
– Learn how Tracer Server supports analysis of a portfolio of Revit data – including 3D!
– Learn how Tracer Server is deployed to a business.
– Learn how Tracer Server can be customized to meet business needs.

Learn more about Tracer at https://apps.provingground.io/tracer