Design Freely with BIM using Bentley’s Open-Buildings Designer

When it comes to generating and expressing technical and artistic ideas, professionals in the AEC industry rely mostly on paper and pencil. Since the advent of the first generation of design software, architects and engineers have used 2D CAD to conceptualize and develop their projects. Although it takes a little while to adapt to using a tablet-pointer or mouse, the immense potential is evident immediately.

Designing a component once and printing it as many times as necessary saved significant time and improved the accuracy and fidelity of designs. Initially, design applications aided only in producing 2D drawings. Only after the release of newer generations of CAD software and modeling applications did AEC professionals recognize the potential of 3D modeling.

Why a Flexible BIM Tool Matters

An AEC company usually undertakes a variety of projects of different scales, complexities, and requirements. With tools that allow organizations to align their activities with project…

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