Floppy Friday #55

In this week’s episode we look at 5 more Commodore 64 games loaded from floppy disk. Things kick off with Shadow Dancer, which seems like a very playable side-scrolling fighting game. We then try a logic/puzzle game called Sliding Skill before loading a German-language steam engine simulator (how cool is that?) called Dampfmaschine. We then play a game called Billiards or Pool (not sure which, to be honest) and then wrap up with a fun little game called Lazy Jones.



Here’s the cover art I could find for this week’s episode – I couldn’t find anything but screengrabs for Sliding Skill, and I’m pretty sure the game called Hustler is not the one we played. But hey.

Floppy Friday #55 cover art

Here’s the review for Shadow Dancer from issue 73 of Zzap!64 magazine:

Shadow Dancer review

See you next week!

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