Floppy Friday #57

In this week’s episode we mostly played Summer Games II. It’s not exactly how I expected things to turn out, but there you go. It’s also a game I’d already played back in Floppy Friday #32 – I knew it looked familiar! (sigh) – but I chose a different set of disciplines to be awful at. Apart from the javelin, as I seem to love failing at that one. I’m pretty sure I fluffed selecting nationalities in exactly the same way, too, but hey.

We did get a little time to play a couple of other games – Commando Libya and Street Surfer, neither of which were major hits – and then failed to load a couple of others. But I had fun!



Here are two pieces of cover art for this week’s games:

Floppy Friday #57 cover art

And a Zzap! 64 review for an apparently abysmal Street Surfer from issue 20:

Street Surfer review

See you next time!

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