Revit Mirror Command is So Not BIM

 What is one of the first things that you teach people who are moving from Autocad to Revit?

“When making changes in Revit, DO NOT delete and replace elements – you should always modify the original elements even if it takes longer” 

Why is that?  Because you never know what data or hosted elements are attached to existing elements – so if you “Delete and Replace” you might lose the data or hosted elements.

  • What does the middle initial of BIM stand for?  “Information”.
  • Without “Information” you are just working with a 3D Building Model

Revit is a BIM program, Right?

So you would imagine that it’s fundamental command structure would work towards maintaining the BIM concept?

Unfortunately the “Mirror” Command in Revit doesn’t follow the BIM rules.

It does not just mirror the selected element(s) – it copies and deletes original, even when Copy is unticked.

  • Select an element
  • Check it’s Element ID
  • Mirror the element (with “Copy” unticked)
  • Check the Element ID of the mirrored element

So what? …

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