Using VASA with FormIt via Dynamo Part 2

In the last post we looked at using VASA from within Dynamo for FormIt to solve mazes generated by a cool plugin created by Brett from the FormIt team. The Dynamo graph we saw used VASA in “3D mode” – where the voxel height is higher than 1 – but that came with the added need to create a floor for the maze (something that isn’t too hard, as we know the exact dimensions and location of the maze).

In today’s post we’re looking at how VASA might be used to perform pathfinding operations at the urban scale, taking geometry from FormIt that has been generated by the awesome new 3D Context Creator plugin created by our friends at matterlab. Here’s some geometry inside FormIt that has been generated for the centre of Neuchâtel, the city closest to my home.

Neuchâtel downtown in FormIt

The geometry that’s created is also fairly predictable, in the sense that you specify a radius for the area for which you want geometry to be pulled in. That said, it’s still a setting that would need copying across…

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