Want to see Dasher inside Tandem? Tell us what you need.

The Autodesk Tandem team has just launched their Customer Research Program. This is the perfect way to engage with the Tandem team and let them know what features you might need from your future digital twin infrastructure. In particular, if you’re interested in seeing features from Project Dasher show up inside Tandem – via what I referred to in a recent post as “Dasher inside Tandem” – then this is your chance to be heard.

Autodesk Tandem Customer Research

Related to this topic, I came across a funny meme recently on Twitter. I couldn’t find it again, so here’s my attempt at reproducing it:

Digital Twin crickets

(If someone can remember who posted the original, please let me know: I hate plagiarising without credit, but honestly I can’t remember who posted it and my web searches didn’t uncover it, either.)

It makes the point that people often say they want “digital twins”, but aren’t always fully clear on why they want them or what they want to do with them. This is at least partly (perhaps mainly?) due to…

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