AEC Professionals: Modeling Revit Products & Evaluating their Benefits

Architects, engineers, and contractors (AEC) benefit from Building Information Modeling (BIM) as it provides a way to plan, design, build and manage buildings and infrastructure with increased efficiency and write ability. In providing BIM models to help architects, interior designers, engineers, and construction teams collaborate more intuitively and effectively, we make it easy to include and specify building designs early in the project life cycle.

Building information models, or Revit BIM, are a shared resource for information about a facility. Throughout the lifecycle of a project, from conception to demolition, it provides a consistent foundation for decision-making. The Revit software allows all building stakeholders to share information easily through BIM engineers.


You are building an engineering model based on engineering designs exports Revit families and IFC files. The creation of a family of multi-size products, including doors, lights, and windows….

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