Floppy Friday #58

I almost thought today’s episode wasn’t going to happen. I started checking the directory listings for a few floppies, and suddenly things started to fail. I couldn’t read any at all, and ended up trying a series of combinations of different computers, floppy drives and cables, all with similar (bad) results. I went back to cleaning the drive heads (once again – this was the first thing I tried) and eventually things started to work in time for me to record the episode. Totally surreal! I can only blame those nasty gremlins who clearly enjoy haunting 1980s equipment.

Anyway, here is the episode in question:

We played a number of interesting games, in my opinion: starting with Match Point, then the classic kung fu fighter, The Way of the Exploding Fist, followed by a fun game called Super Rider then wrapping up with Typhoon. A pretty decent selection, as far as things go.

Here’s some cover art:

Floppy Friday #58 cover art

Here’s the Zzap! 64 review for Typhoon from issue 41:

Typhoon review

See you next week!

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