Floppy Friday #62

So here it is, the last episode of 2021. The first game we attempted to play – Super Huey – in many ways set the scene for the rest of the episode. Here’s a quote about the game from one of its reviews, as per its Wikipedia entry:

"For those desiring an 8-bit helicopter flight simulator, Super Huey and its sequels fill the bill. For those desiring excitement as well, it would pay dividends to look elsewhere."


After not even being able to take off, we moved on to Crystal Fever (which I failed to find a level disk for, and so couldn’t play), Knightmare (a graphical adventure that really isn’t fun to play – or watch! – during a Floppy Friday) and then a mediocre platformer called Karnov and an underwhelming strategy game called BattleTech. The best of the bunch – in my opinion, anyway – was the last game, Rampage. It was at least a bit more fun that the others.



Here’s the cover art from this episode:

Floppy Friday #62 cover art

Here’s a review of Knightmare from issue 34 of…

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