Sheet Metal Drawings Eliminate Fabrication Challenges

Errors in sheet metal fabrication drawings hamper decision making and adversely impact product quality. Adoption of universal dimensioning practices and detailing for drawings and models promote standardization and clarity of communication across stakeholders.

There is a substantial gap between the initial concept sketch and the final model for any building product made of sheet metal. For example, while designing a metal canopy, initial drawings and models pass through an iterative process to meet the customization needs. This includes changes in fundamental canopy frame, design concepts, look and feel etc. before it is released for fabrication.

A majority of these changes come from following Design for Manufacturing (DFM) principles to bridge the gap between design and manufacturing stages. Although revisions consume enormous time, they are indispensable in many cases.

Sheet metal detail drawings developed using CAD tools like SolidWorks, InventorĀ®, SolidEdge, Creo etc. abide…

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