In case you didn’t get it, the title is inspired by “Dyslexia Rules KO”

Another way of putting it might be “In Praise of Spontaneity” but that doesn’t feel quite so fresh. Form and Content need to mesh, after all.

I remember early on in my Revit adventure (substitute any software tool that has become a mainstay of your existence) … early on I read advice from seasoned users telling me to PLAN CAREFULLY before starting to make a family.  I’m sure this works for some.

I lay in bed this morning planning out a family.  I’ve done it lots of times.  It rarely works.

My approach to most creative endeavours is to jump in, feet first, and flail around.  I’m an explorer, a seeker, a sketcher.  I’ve done my time at the drawing board, laying out sheets by hand, measuring carefully, constructing sheets for builders to follow on site, quantity surveyors to measure from.  I am more of a “Production Team” guy than a “Concept Architect” although I distrust that…

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