Using VASA via WebAssembly for pathfinding inside FormIt

As a quick recap, here are the posts we’ve seen in recent weeks on this topic:

  1. Autodesk FormIt and its JavaScript API
    • Introductory look at FormIt and the Maze Generator plugin.
  2. Using VASA with FormIt via Dynamo – Part 1
    • How VASA can be used within Dynamo for FormIt to solve mazes (etc.) in 3D.
  3. Using VASA with FormIt via Dynamo – Part 2
    • Applying the same principle with urban scenes imported by the 3D Context Creator plugin.

In today’s post we look at the fact that VASA can also be used directly from a FormIt JavaScript plugin – via the WebAssembly package we’ve already seen working inside the Forge viewer – to have an even more streamlined experience. The WASM package for VASA hasn’t yet been made available publicly, so I won’t be sharing the plugin code at this stage, but conceptually the work it does is the same as the Dynamo graph we saw in link 2 above.

It was surprisingly straightforward (for me, anyway) to get a FormIt plugin to load a WASM package. I used this…

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