A belated Happy New Year

I’ve now been back at work for a few days after an extended holiday break, so my head is back far enough above water for me to write a quick blog post.

At Autodesk we were extremely lucky to have an extended holiday shutdown, this festive season, so employees around the world clocked off after work on December 17th. For me this meant a perfect opportunity to hit the slopes ahead of the Christmas rush.

Open slopes

Up in the mountains

My kids were in school until the 23rd, but I managed have a few days hanging out on my own, up in the mountains, while the rest of the family wrapped up their 2021 back home.

On my own for a few days

It was an interesting few days: I was very much still in the Advent of Code zone – something I talked about previously – so I was waking up at 6am every day to have a crack at the day’s problem before hitting the slopes for a few hours, and then – once back at the flat – I’d typically chat with my old friend Simon Breslav and compare notes.

Some of the later challenges were really cool (and frustrating,…

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