BIM as a Design Tool for Architects, Is it Fantasy or Salvation?

2nd Digital Revolution, BIM

The first use of the word ‘digital’ in the building industry was with the introduction of CAD.

The introduction of CAD brought about great change not only for architectural design, but also overall construction industry which includes aproval and construction. And in an extremely short time.

What is noteworthy in this process is that architects has becom the protagonist, more than anyone like the permit holder, the ordering party, or the contractors

Architects have already taken the lead in introducing ‘digital’ into architecture, and the aforementioned related fields, and even urged to introduce for them. With the introduction of CAD, architects have already experienced salvation by themselves.

A decade have passed since the BIM discussion began in Korea, most of architects regard it as fantasy rather than salvation. And the reason as follow.

This is my contribution for the magazine ‘Architects’ Jan.2022 which was published by KIRA (Korea Institute of…

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