This was written on 28th December.

I’m out of time. The competition has awakened some latent energy, but the hazy goal of exploring the massing of several dozen church buildings is still a ways off, and “Day-Job” beckons. It’s fine.

Before fee-earning work swallowed me up, I managed to add most of the religious buildings that I have modelled over the past decade or so. Some of them are full-on Revit projects, others are massing studies in RFA format.  They include three London churches by John Soane, offshoots of the Project Soane competition that meant so much to me 5 or 6 years ago.


There are half a dozen detailed Revit models in my collection. None of them are completely finished, but they are all serious explorations. The larger group of more abstract, simplified families is more varied in approach and dates from at least 3 different periods, including this most recent spurt of activity. They are crystallised essences of church-ness. It’s that collection of…

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