Floppy Friday #63

In this week’s episode – the first of 2022 – we take a look at five Commodore 64 games, although we only get to play four of them.

We start with Bomb Jack, then (once again!) fail to load Test Drive, before playing Ace, Pitstop II and wrap things up with another Hewson Consultants classic, Eliminator.



Here’s the cover art from this week’s selection:

Floppy Friday #63 cover art

Now for a couple of reviews from Zzap! 64 magazine.

Here’s one for Bomb Jack from issue 14:

Bomb Jack review

And here's a much more positive one for Pitstop II from issue 2:

Pitstop II review

See you next week for the last episode in this “season” of Floppy Fridays!

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