Floppy Friday #64

Well, this is it. Floppy Fridays – at least for now – have come to an end. For some time I’ve been saying I’d stop at episode 64 – as the main focus of the series is the awesome Commodore 64 – and this episode has come around, finally.

And, despite me following basically my usual random approach for selecting games for this episode, it was a really good way to end the series, with a wide range of very interesting games.

We kicked off with the classic Turrican II – The Final Fight – a game we’d played the trainer for way back in Floppy Friday #12. We then tried to load Friday the 13th, but I can’t say I’m overly disappointed it didn’t load. Too scary. We then played Out Run – a game I first talked about in Floppy Friday #6 and then transferred to a new floppy to play in Floppy Friday #13 – which is always good fun. On from there to a somewhat peculiar Biggles, which had the weirdest random transitions when you died. Then we loaded Buggy Boy, which it turns…

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