I’m going to come back to the Pantheon family, but for that I will need an “all-purpose pediment” family which I can nest into multiple classical temples and churches.

To do that job it should have a small number of driving parameters which can be hooked up to the host family.  We can take that all-purpose starter and tweak it to better suit the host… depending on stuff like “is it Doric or Ionic?” or “what level of simplification do we want?”

Sometimes good ideas pop into my head just as I’m settling down for the night.  These days I need to jot things down before they evaporate from short-term memory.  I saved a couple of versions of the “thinking aloud” sketching for my “Generic Pediment” family.

The main issue here is how to keep things fairly simple while producing a convincing pediment and allowing for swapping out the profiles to better represent the variety of treatments in different buildings and contexts.  I want this to work for the main…

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