Possibly the most powerful Visualization tool of our time: Autodesk Revit live

Autodesk searches for a new frontier in Revit to conquer the visualization frontier. The Revit rendering engine has never seemed like an afterthought. It can’t compare to dedicated renderers like V-Ray, Keyshot, or Maxwell.

With the release of Revit Live, Autodesk hopes to change that with a plug-in that provides architects with a fresh new Revit, complete with visualization tools integrated seamlessly into the base program.

Why Anyone Think about Autodesk Revit Live?

It is highly appreciated by clients to go around the building before breaking ground on the project. Having gone through a lengthy and sometimes difficult process of permitting and designing, they gain confidence that the project will succeed.

Visualization of this kind strengthens the trust between designer and client and allows for a little more freedom in decision making, so clients do not have to think that everything will work out for them. As a result, they can see for themselves how things will…

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