Third post of 2022 and continuing with my massing studies of churches and temples.

My collection of Revit powered religious architecture stretches back to Greece and Rome. The origins of the classical style which has been so influential almost everywhere.

My Pantheon model of 2012 is a “linked project” not a “family”, although it is a much-simplified interpretation of the original. So there are subtle gradations of approach here. We can go from the crudest of massing models, all the way to a detailed exploration like Project Notre Dame. 

As an aside … always impressed how quickly you can generate interesting visuals from an old clunky model just be bringing it into Enscape3d.  (sigh)


What would the simplest version of the Pantheon look like? And why would we do that? What is the value of a thumbnail sketch? And is there a BIM equivalent?

It turns out that the Pantheon can be generated from a Cube that is…

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