Revit Pure Live Season 3 – Complete Episodes List

Revit Pure Live is a show where we help you become a better Revit user. We are now back for a third season. Here is the complete lineup and schedule.

Episode #26

Topic: Automating Interior Design

Guest: Bill Carney

Date: January 5th, 3 PM ET

Episode #27

Topic: Lessons From Becoming a Consultant

Guest: Melissa Thiessens

Date: January 12, 3 PM ET

Episode #28

Topic: TBD

Guest: John Pierson

Date: January 19, 3 PM ET

Episode #29

Topic: Tips to Increase Productivity

Guest: Fabio Roberti

Date: January 26th, 3 PM ET

Episode #30

Topic: Revit + Landscape Case Studies

Guest: Nehama Shechter Baraban

Date: February 2nd, 3 PM EDT

Episode #31

Topic: Mastering Revit Areas

Guest: Purvi Gandhi Irwin

Date: February 9th, 8 PM ET

Episode #32

Topic: What is Industry 4.0?

Guest: Marzia Bolpagni

Date: February 16th, 3PM ET

Episode #33

Topic: European Modeling in Revit

Guest: Fanny Angeles

Date: February 23rd, 3 PM ET

Episode #34

Date: March 2nd 2022

Topic: TBD

Guest: TBD

Episode #35

Topic: BIM at BIG Architects

Guest: Jens Majdal Kaarsholm

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