Chaos Releases Second Update for V-Ray 5 for Revit

Generally in the field of Architecture visualization capacity is very much needed so keeping in mind Chaos launched their new product “V-Ray 5 for Revit, 2nd update”.

Bringing the problem of lack of visualization comes to an end, this software basically can be a life changing innovations for Architectures and designers who want to rather need to see the results of his or her designs before finalizing his or her ideas. The user can create high definition and complex design or models. It also comes along with asset editors for any kind of immediate editing according to the demand.

New features added

1. Now, Revit user has the facility to render and replace objects from any kind of linked Pdf or documents. Intentionally Chaos has created a setting option in the linked files so without any kind of hindrances we can edit our file according to your need.

2. A new scattering tool is also being newly put into use after the new update it is basically perfect tool for…

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