New Strategies for Collaborative work in Canada

In the past several months I have participated in a couple of proposals asking for a new way of working; Collaborative, Alliance, Open book, and Integrated Project Delivery. Working for a large company means we can reach out to team members from around the world to help us. I had a very interesting conversation with one of my colleagues in Australia. He stated Australia has been fulfilling this type of open relationship with clients for at least 15 years successfully.

Of course since I’m a geek about collaboration I went on-line and started learning the how, why and where: why is Australia so far ahead of Canada in terms of BIM collaboration? In my search I ran across an article from the Journal of Construction Procurement from 2005. This article discusses Relationship Contracting in Australia, and talks about trust in facilitating the relationship-based contract. In February of 2016 Buildex hosted a panel discussion I participated in that covered The Broken Project Delivery…

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