Is AI good or bad? Do lock-downs work? Have we forgotten how to do nuanced risk-benefit analysis?

It’s easy to criticise Putin if you live in the Western Quarter of the Global Village, but harder to query the dominant narrative. How could you possibly speak up for Fossil Fuel or Nuclear Energy? Why express reservations about the runaway train of Diversity Worship?


As a painter, musician, designer, I face the challenge of navigating a route between variety and cohesion.  But what about public life in a typical “liberal democracy”?  Are we swimming in the frenzied currents of polarised politics, torn between the opposing poles of “woke activist” and “right wing bigot”? 

Why would we want to “Capture” Reality? What would the polar opposite approach to this be?  I like to think of my BIM pencil work as “Releasing Reality,” mot enslaving it.  Think of Michelangelo, liberating his statue of David, trapped inside a block of marble. The tunnel vision approach of reproducing…

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