Conveyor Workshop – Best Practices for Rhino and Revit Integration – Recording Live March 30, 2022

Conveyor offers a variety of geometry translation workflows supporting Rhino and Revit integration – but every project has its own unique workflow requirements. This workshop explores a real-world example for defining Rhino-Revit workflows that can support the model development process. We evaluate different design elements and determine the best approach for translating them between Rhino and Revit that yields the most efficiency for the desired outcome.

Nathan Miller and Nicole Mater introduce an example design study and perform a live evaluation and demonstration for integrating Rhino and Revit assets together for a streamlined workflow.

Learning Objectives

– Learn how to organize your production work with Rhino and Revit digital assets.
– Learn how to integrate Revit reference geometry with Rhino to support design coordination.
– Learn how to evaluate your Rhino model geometry and determine the best translation method to support your desired outcome.
– Learn how about BIM management techniques using schedules and filters to track Rhino imports within Revit

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