Revit 2023 – What’s New

So here we are in late March 2022, the New Year celebrations seems a distant memory, but spring is on the way, and we all look forward to longer days and some warmer weather! This year, Revit celebrates its Silver Jubilee, commemorating 25 years since its conception! Revit, a software product that originated way back in 1997 and was acquired by Autodesk in 2002, is now a very mature platform at 25 years of age and joins a collection of Autodesk software that we could have only dreamed of in 2002!

Much like the previous release, we have seen a bigger drive towards the core platform features of Revit which will certainly benefit all users. A fair amount of effort has been put into the actual creation of sheets, the placement of views on sheets and printing which is great for all Revit users. Automation is also featured within this release by utilising Dynamo player to automate steel connections and drive the new analytical modelling engine. Automation and Dynamo are becoming…

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