We make choices all the time.  What is the appropriate Level of Detail for this element?  How can I capture the essence of what I need to convey while remaining lightweight/agile?  How can we best empower the world with energy? 

Personally, I feel that Nuclear Energy should be energetically pursued in parallel with other technologies.  Paradoxically, the “zero risk” narrative that seems to have gripped the west, has increased our risk exposure via dependency on less cautious powers to the east.  Small is beautiful, but sometimes we need the economies of scale. 

Fossil Fuels have pulled more people out of poverty than any other human technology. Yes we have to transition. 100 %. But in a panic? With a one dimensional narrative and tunnel vision? Did that serve us well during the covid experience?



I have been learning about Eastern Orthodox churches.  There are many variants: from Venice to Constantinople; Athens to Kiev: Moscow to Frank Lloyd Wright.  This post looks at…

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