Stepped Stair Railing Top Rail Extension in Revit

Following on from an earlier post about stepped railings, here is a bit more information about what happens when you try to add Top Rail extensions.

Weird Railing Stuff – part 18

If the lowest boundary line on the railing path has a Slope property “By Host”, the railing segment will be horizontal (assuming you have done a Height Correction on the other segments)

To add an extension to the base of the stair railing:

  • Tab-Select the Top Rail only
  • Edit its Type properties
  • Tick the checkbox for “Plus Tread Depth”;  Apply or OK
  • Nothing happens
  • Revit thinks that this segment of the railing is not part of a sloping stair, even though we know it is
  • Edit the Extension Length property to 300mm
  • This time Revit adds the extension (horizontal), as expected (but still no extra tread depth, unlike the straight handrail on the other side of the stair, where it has both)


To solve this, the Slope property of the railing segment must be changed:

  • Select the last segment of the path
  • Change its Slope…

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