Switching to use THREE.BufferGeometry in Forge viewer applications

I talked some time ago about some work that has been needed to be done in Project Dasher – and other Forge viewer clients – in anticipation of supporting viewers such as Tandem’s. In this case it was fairly specifically about the need to support loading of multiple models inside the viewer, rather than working on the assumption that there’s a single model available.

For the last few days I’ve been looking at another area that by all accounts will be beneficial, whether driven by use of the Tandem viewer or the upcoming Forge viewer based on the latest Three.js version: I’ve gone through the codebase and replaced all use of THREE.Geometry with THREE.BufferGeometry. This has been motivated by the decision to completely drop support for the old THREE.Geometry implementation in Three.js. At some point (and possibly quite soon) it’ll be important to have done this work in Forge viewer applications using THREE.Geometry.

The work needed to start using THREE.BufferGeometry is…

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