Announcing VASA for Minecraft

Followers of this blog will have seen me mention the Voxel-based Architectural Space Analysis (VASA) package (you can find all the posts about it here). VASA is a toolkit that allows you to voxelise and analyse 3D geometry, whether for pathfinding, visibility or daylight analysis.

The big news of the day is that Autodesk Research has managed to port VASA across to work with the popular voxel-based creation environment, Minecraft. This actually was pretty easy, as we could completely ignore all the code needed to voxelise a 3D environment from the codebase and focus on the analysis side of things. A very straightforward port, all things considered.

Here’s a view of a VASA path inside Minecraft:

A VASA path in Minecraft

Now for a video showing how VASA’s pathfinding works inside Minecraft: you place your VASA placemarkers at the start and destination locations, then use the “initiate” tool to create the path, which leads to the path voxels being converted to a transparent material, as you may be…

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