BIM World Paris 2022

On Monday I hopped onto the train to Geneva and from there onto the TGV to Paris Gare de Lyon.

TGV from Geneva to Paris

I was in Paris for BIM World, where we displayed the Dar 2m Smart Bridge. It was my first time seeing the bridge in person, which was a really exciting moment for me.

After checking into a very nice little hotel in the 6th arrondissement I headed to the conference centre to help with the setup.

The bridge was already unboxed and hooked up when I arrived.

Getting the bridge connected

Pete Storey had some wires to connect to get it up and running.

Plugging in a few cables

Many of the wires were actually for the temperature sensors and accelerometers: all the FBG sensors – for strain – are integrated into the structure and so required minimal connection work.

Pete is in the zone

The physical setup of the bridge was straightforward, but on the software side we had some technical hitches that we’d been unable to anticipate: this was the first time we had in-person access to the bridge for the realtime sensor readings to be sent to Dasher, so we uncovered some really…

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