More on Tandem and Dasher

This week we’ve updated the Project Dasher site with a new build – the first update we’ve made in nearly a year. (I’ve talked about some of the rewrite work in a previous post, but it’s taken a while to get around to making it all available.)

One of the major improvements has been with the timeline component. At some point in the future I’ll spend some time talking more about the timeline’s features – it’s available publicly via NPM and is integrated into the Forge viewer’s Data Visualization extension reference application – but for now I just wanted to share some information about an issue we’re currently struggling with.

For people using an Intel-based Mac running the latest macOS version (Monterey) and the latest version of Chrome – or Chromium-based browsers such as Brave – (v100), the timeline isn’t rendering properly: the timeline area just stays grey. You can see it here, below. What’s really interesting is that the problem exists for all…

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