Stonehenge. Circles are ancient. People sitting around a fire, or holding hands in a ring and chanting rhythmic mysteries. Wooden palisades in defense of high ground. The heavens themselves move in great mysterious circles with the passing seasons.  This is the origins of geometry and from there, mathematics: that strange realm of abstract thought and eternal, disembodied truths.  


Building a model, whether physical or digital, incites a deeper understanding than looking at pictures can ever do. Sometimes it’s good to work from memory.  To draw a plan of Stonehenge without referring to external sources. What concepts and archetypes have lodged in your subconscious brain.


How many bays make up the henge? I’ve known of it for 60 years probably, but never registered the number. Mental Ray has a template called panorama as one possible starting point. You get 12 canvases to draw on, and I found myself placing 3 bays on each.  Turns out that 36 bays is 20% over the top.  Still…

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