A new book on Innovation in Construction

The Autodesk Construction Cloud team kindly shared a post on LinkedIn, last week, about a project I participated in.

Springer book

There’s a new book from Springer on “Innovation in Construction” for which I contributed a chapter called “Cutting-Edge Practical Research on Generative Design, IoT and Digital Twins”. This chapter weighs in at 29 pages – of an overall 454 for the book – and here’s its abstract:

This chapter explores two areas of research undertaken by Autodesk over the last decade and how they both have the potential to impact the construction industry. The first area relates to the Internet of Things and the possibilities around integrating sensor data from smart buildings into a 3D context for exploration and visualization. This has the potential to drive interesting workflows related to understanding and optimizing the performance of the built environment, but more broadly will have the potential to impact design and fabrication processes. The other area of research…

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